Failure to Report Illegal Activity Costs Venue Its License

Officials claim the venue, “failed to report promptly to the police department illegal activity involving acts that violated a state law regulating narcotics or controlled substances.”

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Liquor licenses are being suspended or revoked and licensees are being fined due to careless mistakes by  well intentioned staff!

Don’t be another statistic. Certify Your Staff!





State Approved Liquor Certification Courses

Have your bartenders, servers and managers take our Title IV Liquor Certification Courses.

Have your bartenders, servers and managers take our Title IV Liquor Certification Courses.

  • Certified DLLC Approved
  • All Courses 100% Online
  • Courses Available 24-7

Don’t be another statistic.

What Our Customers Say“After noticing that fake ids were becoming more prominent we decided to run our bartenders and servers through the Basic on Sale course as a refresher. Our staff learned a ton of valuable information.”

S.M. Phoenix Area Licensee

  100% Online

All Courses, exams and certificates available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Staff can complete the course in the comfort of their own home or in the establishment, which ever you prefer.


Basic courses are priced at $25 each. Management courses are priced at $50 each. Contact Us for volume discounts.


Avoid fines, suspensions and revocation!